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Coming from Europe, where women wear their jewelry every day, everywhere, I believe jewelry is an essential element of a daily wardrobe.  This inspired me to create a line that is wearable, versatile and practical – with a touch of luxury.  Like your favorite jeans or sweater, jewelry is a trusted companion that doesn’t require thought.  And that is our philosophy when making our pieces.  BRIGITTE REGULA features affordable, quality, versatile pieces – practical enough to be worn every day and playful enough to be worn for anywhere.  Because, after all, life is too short to only wear jewelry on special occasions. 



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Fostered by a childhood love of stones, Brigitte began a life-long passion for jewelry.  Raised in Europe – where jewelry is more than an accessory, but rather an extension of the wearer – Brigitte has spent decades studying a variety of different cultures and their jewelry.  Spanning from Europe to the United States, with a professional apprenticeship at high-end jewelry store Bucherer Zurich and extensive exposure to the world and culture of Cartier, Brigitte’s unique collection of versatile jewelry is designed and hand-made to be worn in a variety of ways, for any occasion, without compromising quality.




A 2011 graduate of Philadelphia University, Rachel honed her love of art and fashion with a major in Fashion Industry Management and minor in Design.  She joined Brigitte in 2012, taking the bold step to leave a full-time position and lend her talents to Brigitte’s start-up enterprise.  With a keen sense of cohesively lining up colors, Rachel is skilled at identifying practical and efficient ways to put things together.  She also serves as a trusted business resource for Brigitte, providing client relations, web, social media and other management functions.

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