A Season of Color


There are many ways in which the world around us makes us feel like we are restricted, but the colors we wear should never be one.

Each new time of year brings with it rules about what colors we should use to represent the season and the feelings that come with each one. Although it’s fun for us to embody the time of year, we should not let it make us feel stuck. Colors are not something that belong in boxes and they aren't meant to be categorized. Colors are a way to express ourselves; through the clothes, the makeup and the jewelry we choose to put on.

When choosing our jewelry it is important to remember that the colors of our necklaces, bracelets and rings do not have to be restricted by the world around us. Jewelry is for expression and no matter the time of year the colors we choose for ourselves are just for us and not for us to match to the season.


Brigitte Hollinger