Life is made up of many layers


As I often say, for me jewelry is more than an accessory, it’s an essential element of a daily wardrobe.

We talk a lot about the concept of layering in fashion, mixing different textures and colors. Some brands make it easy. Ellen Fisher, for example, uses simple colors and lines that pair almost effortlessly. Other brands are more complex, making it difficult to visualize.

While layering jewelry has always come naturally to me, for some it can be a challenge. I spend a lot of my time observing – studying what people wear and how they wear it. I talk to women of all different generations to learn more. Often I hear the same thing. Sometimes it is difficult to select even one necklace to wear with an outfit, let alone two or three. I’ve had the great satisfaction with my line over the years of watching similarly minded women grow to truly love wearing jewelry and enjoying the versatility of our pieces.


For the longest time I wore our leather tassel necklaces by themselves. Then one day, I happened to leave it on with another necklace and realized how great it looked. A tassel necklace alone can be a very bohemian, organic look. But when you add a layer it tells a whole new story.

So recently, I’ve been creating pieces that layer more easily. Serious yet playful, each piece captures a lightness and versatility – able to be worn long or short, alone or paired together.

The possibilities are endless.

Try adding a piece with a fun color or tassel, or pair one of our pieces with something you’ve worn forever. The mix will reflect your individual personality. So be brave and try something new … there’s never any growth staying in your comfort zone!

Brigitte Hollinger