The beginning

Five years ago, I was invited by friends to attend a jewelry show in Tucson.  And to be honest, I really had no business going.  After all, I had three small kids, a husband, a house, etc.  You may know exactly how I felt.  But, I did go, and that trip changed everything.

Armed with my own- savings I bought a variety of stones, pearls, leather findings, endings and more.  I returned home and began assembling, surprisingly this came easy to me.  Late nights, while the kids slept; early mornings, while my husband worked; and any and every time in between, I worked.  The result was beautiful pieces, along with an empty fridge, piles of laundry, and more dust than usual … but somehow, it all got done.

Unsure of where this path would take me, my thoughts moved to questions about what people would actually like.  So, I reached out to someone who knows the retail business inside and out – to my surprise and excitement she was interested in my creations and placed an order on the spot. 

A whirlwind of activity followed; creating a larger inventory, line sheets, reference numbers, pricing, telling my husband I had launched a jewelry line, and so on.  But I got through it.  In addition to Terrain, today my line can be found in more than 10 stores across Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Nevada, and California.  Oh, the name … that’s simple.  Ria is the name of a character in one of my favorite movies, Monsoon Wedding, and B is for Brigitte!

Ria B was where it all began.  But, as I gained more confidence and grew as a designer I came full circle into my own, and so did my jewelry.  BRIGITTE REGULA reflects that journey of growth and transformation.  Similar to the phrase on the Harney & Son’s tea box that shares my name, this line is “an elegant blend with style and substance”.